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Monster trucks are custom made trucks that have been modified with larger suspension components. These trucks are known for their giant tires and huge wheels. They perform with very high ranges of torque due to the extreme power of the motors that get modified in them. Monster trucks are also known for running over and crushing smaller cars beneath them. The suspension is engineered to perform high speed jumps and even back flips. Monster truck shows are very common most locaitons around the United States. These are normally seen in shows or racing events. The Truck exhaust is very loud and can be heard from a great distances.

Monster Trucks for Sale

Toyota mud bogger on 38s, 383 stroker, roll cage, coil over, mono leaf spring, 90/10 front shocks, 488/430 gears, 350T, flam...

Monster Trucks for Sale

Monster truck is no longer for Sale.

1977 Truck on a 1974 1-ton chassis. 440 engine, 727 Torqueflite Transmission, NP 205...