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Used Gas Golf Carts for Sale

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2014 EZ Go TXT Gas Fuel Injected Golf Cart-Serial 3032815 This is a Gas Golf cart, Luxury edition Golf cart made by EZ Go which is the best golf cart manufacturer in the world. Most golf carts are 8 horsepower. This is a 16 horsepower golf cart. Less than 1% of golf carts have this big of an engine in them. It is a luxury edition, oversized and bigger than most golf carts. This EZ Go luxury edition golf cart is 10 feet long and 5 feet wide. A normal golf cart is 8 foot by 4 foot. It is 2 foot higher than a stock golf cart because it has been professionally raised by a golf cart dealer. 4 passenger golf cart. A standard golf cart is 2 passenger. All golf carts on a golf course are 2 passenger.

Street legal golf cart. Inferno Red with Tan Marine grade leather seats-always garaged. This color looks outstanding and turns heads every day. I added 4 American flag graphics in various places and 4 OEM Dodge Hemi emblems like I have on my Hemi Challenger. These added graphics and emblems are very high quality. This golf cart gets compliments daily on its beautiful color and added graphics. 4 cup holders in the front seat with extra storage that spans the area under the front windshield.

6 gallon gas holding gas tank that holds 6 gallons. Fuel injected and gets phenomenal gas mileage. You can ride all year on 6 gallons of gas due to the great gas mileage. You will never have a problem cranking due to the fuel injection. The only thing you have to do to crank it is turn the switch, give it gas and it will go everytime. Oversized Long tan top that covers both front and back seats-length 80 inches, width 45 inches, which I had put on special and is good at keeping out the rain and the sun for all 4 passengers. This accessory alone cost $850 for this top. It is very heavy duty-the heaviest top you can buy.

The rear seat folds down to make a storage area. There is also a storage area under the back passenger seat. LED Head and Tail lights. It has turn signals, a horn, emergency flashers, and brakes which makes this a street legal golf cart. Safety sound when the cart is put in reverse. Professionally Lifted with New 14” Sport Mirror chrome plated wheels that look phenomenal – this was lifted as high as you can lift a golf cart so it would clear these wheels. The wheels cost $1,000.00. The wheels and tires that were on the golf cart were 8 inches but I changed it to 14 inch wheel and tire and this plus the lift kit was $1500.00. New off-road tires that are good going on grass or gravel.

Fold down windshield with long rear view mirror that spans the width of the golf cart. This accessory cost $220. Chrome steering wheel and adapters that were installed by a professional golf cart vendor and cost $350. 2 Cushion cup holders on the back seat that I added and were installed by a professional golf cart vendor. This cost $350. The golf cart is 10 feet long and 5 inches wide and is completely street legal. This is a luxury edition golf cart that was specially made by EZ Go. Cost New: $12,500.00. This is an outstanding deal for somebody because of all of the extras that I have added to the golf cart. I do not have a cost for each item added, but all added items are listed in the description.

I am selling this phenomenal golf cart for $6,300.00 FIRM/FIRM- Cash only. You won’t find a better looking golf cart or better deal anywhere. The pictures do not do it justice. If you don’t love this golf cart as much as I do or are not a serious buyer, please do not call me and waste my time. I am retired and can be contacted anytime. When you call please be nice. This golf cart price is extremely firm so don’t call me and offer any kind of price less than the firm cash price that I have listed. I paid $12,500.00 for it so I will not take less than what I am asking. I am taking a $6200.00 loss. I am selling this golf cart for half of what I paid for it therefore the price is firm. This price does not include a lot of the extra items that I have listed. There is no golf cart that is a street legal golf cart and gas that you could buy anywhere for less than this price.

Used Gas Golf Carts for Sale

used golf carts for sale

golf carts for sale

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