Swamp Buggy for Sale - (FL)

Swamp Buggy for Sale

This listing is no longer available.

Swamp Woods Buggy, Runs Great, 18.4 x 16.1 tires, Rear Mounted 1980 4 CYL 2.5 L GM Iron Duke Engine and Automatic Transmission, connected to 3 speed manual Willys transmission, 1946-49 Willys front end, Rear axle from 1980's Ford. One of 6 buggies commissioned by Forestry Services for Monroe Station in the 1960's. Lots of potential to develop rear deck with seating, stairs, disabled access, etc. No trailer included but might be able to deliver up to 50 miles. Asking $4300!

Swamp Buggy for Sale

swamp buggies for sale

swamp buggy for sale

swamp buggy


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