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Swamp Buggy for Sale - (FL)

Swamp Buggies for Sale

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Marsh Master Swamp Buggy Amphibious Floating Tracked Personnel Carrier 15k Winch.

Marsh master, I really hate to sell but I just don’t use it enough, has a 5.9 Cummins engine, runs great, quadruple hydraulic circuits, one spare for running a crane that used to be installed on it. Will travel about 8-10 mph on land and 5-7 in the water. Floats well, 16 foot wide and 30 foot long, it’s a BEAST, like riding on a cloud In the marsh. I’m not sure what pull the hydraulic winch is, but I’ve had it hooked to a 21k lb excavator and it would drag it like it was nothing. Shows about 500 hrs on the meter. Asking 70,000.

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Swamp Buggies for Sale