Swamp Buggy for Sale - (FL)

Swamp Buggies for Sale

**This Listing has been sold or removed.

Have for sale a ready to hunt swamp buggy. Tires are right around a year old were bought brand new. Engine is GM crate engine.

GM 350 engine with Two barrel carburetor. Corporate 14 bolt rear 4.88 gears. Corporate 10 bolt front. Turbo 350 trans with doubler. NP205 transfer case. With doubler you can choose between 4:1 2:1 or 1:1 ratio in T case. Brand new 18.4 26 BKT tires. Dog boxes on rear. 6 seats. Hydraulic steering.

Buggy is ready to hunt. $8,500 obo. For more information about Swamp Buggies for Sale.

Swamp Buggies for Sale

swamp buggies for sale

swamp buggy for sale

swamp buggy



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