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1984 K20 Square Body Chevy for Sale - (ID)

Square Body Chevy for Sale

I hate to do this, but looking to sell my 1984 Chevy k20 4x4 square body. This truck is solid and fun to drive. It is sitting on a 12” lift with 38.5-inch tires. The tires are pretty much new with the little nipples on them still. This truck has no blocks, it is all suspension. This truck was built right with no short cuts. There is zero rust on this truck everything is solid. The truck was taken apart and painted less than a year ago in desert tan Monstaliner as well as the frame painted in chassis saver. There was no rust before the paint job either. Paint is high quality UV protected paint and protects the paint from rocks that are thrown from the tires. It has a 350 motor that starts right up and runs strong no matter the temperature outside as well as a th350 turbo tranny. Drove it all throguh the winter. Always runs cool, no over heating issues. Runs 70-75 on the interstate no problem. I drove it on a 5 hour trip with no issues and is my daily driver now.

Not sure of the gearing, but does not lag nor run high Rpms. 4x4 works great, never ran it hard, just mild mud play. Gets 11-12 mpg, (great for this size truck with these tires). This truck is a rarity in that it does not drip one drop of any fluid and does not burn any oil. When I bought it, I was told it was all re-done (hence no drips of any kind) and currently has less than 51000 miles on it. There are 4 things that could be fixed that are not a big deal. 1.) Windshield is cracked right down the middle, but has not been a problem for me and does not leak so I left it, 2.) Pinhole exhaust leak at the collector on the exhaust side not header side. 3.) Driver side is missing the Chevy badge and 4.) Tailgate is a little dinged up. 15,000 OBO Located in Idaho.

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Square Body Chevy for Sale