1979 GMC Mud Truck for Sale - (TX)


1979 GMC Mud Truck for Sale.

This Mud Truck has been Sold or removed by Owner.

1979 GMC K1500 4x4 Truck swb stepside custom lift.

This GMC stepside shortbed 4x4 is a pretty cool truck. it has been sitting since 2010/2011 i assume after the work was done to it. i bought this truck in an auction a few months with the intention to resale once i looked it over.

It is a real nice truck as is, or with some additional work could be all show. when i got it home it wouldnt start. put some good gas in it and a new battery and she fired right up. I start it everyday nd let it run some and it starts easy and drives good. Truck has a lot of power which leads me to believe it has a lot of work done to the motor, trans and axles, but i am unable to confirm the full extent. It has a fairly aggressive cam, real nice sound. No smoke at all. Fires up easy

The lift is custom, steering appears to be as well. it is on 37" x 13.50r18 wheels and tires, with toyo mud tires on it. i added a photo next to my jeep on 35's to get a size example. It has an aftermarket stereo and speakers. It has a brand new oak wood bed in it. see images. I am sure i am missing all kinds of good details, but i didnt build it.

For the work that I can needs to be done and updates on parts or replacements. Engine and Trans oil pan both leak. I imagine this is due to it sitting so long. If I get some time before sale or work out a deal I may knock this out (oil and pan gaskets). Brake line going from the reservoir to the distribution block (short line) has chaffed through and has a pin hole leak. I have ordered the full replacement front brake lines and will replace this one before it goes. I will also include the others with the truck for the buyer. Currently the ignition key and door keys do not match. I have a full set of new matching keys, locks, ignition that will be included with the truck.

Crank windows on both doors are a little wobbly. (typical problem on these older GM vehicles). I would call the paint a "monet" - Good from far but far from good. It looks like whoever painted it however many years ago was in a hurry. It looks fine for a toy, but I would repaint it and smooth it out better if I was going to keep it. Regarding rust. The floor and panels are all solid. There are some pencil eraser head size bubbles showing at the bottom of both rear lower cab corners. Bubbles are under the paint. The rest of the body is real nice and straight. Its a good looking truck. Hood latch is hit or miss. Needs to be adjusted. May work on that while its in auction.

I have tried to be as honest as I can with the inspection and drive time I have had in it. It is a sweet mud truck. 1 of a kind. If it doesn't go for near what I think it is worth I will happily keep it and drive it.

Clear title in hand.

Ask questions, request videos, pictures, etc and I will do my best to get them to you.

I can help with shipping, or you can send a trailer to pick it up. I don't think it is ready to go as is to drive across country without fixing the leaks and doing a once over. It runs drives and stops. $15,000.

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