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2007 GMC Mud Truck for Sale - (OK)

Mud Trucks for Sale

2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4WD. Runs, drives great, 4wd works. Cold AC. Great heater. 193K Miles. Tons of aftermarket on the motor - see photo of work done, done at 172K miles so only has a little over 20K on the new 500 horse cam, lifters, etc.. Its jacked up on big tires. It was purchased while I pipelined over the last few years but no longer on the road, don't need it anymore. Its wicked fast, do not suggest an inexperienced driver to purchase. Its a fun truck. We mud in it. It needs a bath and detailed but its nice inside. Also have the fender flares for front and back. Wife purchased as a gift and I've never put them on.

Also have a 2011 Chevy Cruze LT for sale. It starts and runs great. Sadly the transmission went out in April. We have the battery in another vehicle but it has roughly 170K miles on it. Ran great before the tranny went out. We've looked at used tranny's but I don't have the desire to really mess with replacing it myself. These two vehicles need to be sold together. They are on the same loan note. Other than that they'll both have clear titles when I pay the note off. $12,000 negotiable on price, but still need to pay off the loan.

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Mud Trucks for Sale