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1984 Dodge Mud Truck for Sale - (OH)

Mud Trucks for Sale

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A Rare 1984 Dodge W100 Custom

This Truck Is an Apocalypse Ready Prerunner/ Work truck project.

Pre EFI, with no computer, and no fancy creature comforts, just raw power.

These dependable trucks were built to last, easy to work on, and designed so a temporary fix will actually get you back on the road.

Perfect if you're stuck on a Kentucky farm, in the middle of nowhere, which is where I found this truck, and saved it.

When it comes time to buy parts, and fix it right,

It's also time for your wallet to smile:

Most parts are easily rebuildable, Most new parts are inexpensive, And, Most good used parts can be found in most junkyards.

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Mud Trucks for Sale