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1995 Chevy Mud Truck for Sale - (NC)

Mud Trucks for Sale

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It's big, but not too big, it's loud, but not too loud, its not fast, but I did say its loud right? Straight piped. Its tall, but not too tall, if your limber, you don't need a step ladder to get in and out of it, but its tall enough to keep the old folks from trying to get in and if your girl is short, your gonna have slide your hands around her waist and lift her up in it. It has an older repaint in the original color, minor dings and scratches, but just like my ex girlfriend, is serviceable and still looks pretty darn good for her age. The maroon velour interior is pretty minty, like your gramaw's plastic covered couch. For being this big it actually rides like a couch or almost as good as your electric massaging Barca lounger in front of your big screen TV. Comfy. Aftermarket stereo head unit that will play George Strait, Willie Nelson & Hank3! so good you will cry and even make Shania Twain sound like an angel. Prewired for sub in the back seat, but im keeping that, so you need to bring your own, but the wiring will be there. AC is cold enough. Already broke the left rear axle, all flexed out on a 5ft tall tree stump, fixed that and everything else that needed fixing on the truck at the same time. No lowballers, I know what I got! Asking 9,750.

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Mud Trucks for Sale