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Mud Trucks for Sale

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1991 Toyota pickup mud truck, I'll be completely honest with you with it all. I'm tired of this thing after all the money I've put in it I cant enjoy driving it. I also need a car to road-trip to Cali for family shit. 8000$ OBO

PROS: Brand new 22re performance stage one engine with warranty (less than 50 miles on it) Brand new radiator New Sport clutch EGR delete Newer trans less than 100,000 Interco m-16 super swampers with a lot of tread left Tool-box Lightbar Proper 6in suspension lift 2in body lift New brake rotors for the front in the toolbox No frame rust at all New speakers (2 kickers 5,1/4)

YOU DECIDE WHICH THEY ARE: Welded rear diff Shitty interior straight piped Spray painted

CONS: Its really lifted and walks around the road a lot No AC (but there is heat) Hole cut in the bed( can be welded back in) Random sputtering between 1,500 and 2,000 Rpm Front driveshaft isn't installed and you need new locking hubs Plate lights out Dash is taped on.

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Mud Trucks for Sale

mud trucks for sale

mud truck for sale




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