1984 Chevy D30 Mud Truck for Sale - (MN)

Mud Trucks for Sale

84 Chevy 1.25 ton(military version) pickup. Body is in extremely good condition for an original, unrestored truck. 1 rust spot on the driver's side rocker panel and a little on the inner fenderwells is it. Interior looks basically new except for cracks in the dash. 34xxx miles on the odometer. Speedometer seems to register about 10mph faster than you're actually going so the odometer could actually be showing more miles than the truck has on it. Runs and drives like new because, well it is.

36" military tires have ok tread but do have some weather checking. Headlights sometimes do not come on, may be a bad headlight switch or a short in one of the blackout drive switches (kills the lights for tactical night operations, usually come on after I mess with the switches). Glow plugs don't seem to be working. These minor issues are why it is priced $1000 below a comparable truck listed elsewhere on CL with 50k more miles and horrible interior.

Unlike most this truck has detroit locker posi's in both front (with lockout hubs) and rear axles making it nearly unstoppable in snow, mud, etc. Would be an excellent work truck for many years to come, spend about a day to fully restore it or, as much as I hate to say it would be nearly perfect parts for another vehicle. Racks/troop benches in the box can go with the truck or I'll remove if you don't want them (my 5 year old's favorite feature of "Daddy's Army truck").

General description:

The CUCV represented General Motors' first major light-truck military vehicle production since World War II. GM CUCVs were assembled mostly from existing heavy duty light commercial truck parts. The M1008 was the basic cargo truck, the trucks were all rated as 1​1⁄4 ton (commonly called a "five-quarter"). powered by GM’s 6.2L J-series Detroit Diesel V8 engine non-emissions diesel.[9] These were rated at 155 hp and 240 lb⋅ft, which was 5 hp (3.7 kW) more than the emissions diesel engine of the time. They were all equipped with the TH-400 automatic. All but the M1028A1 and M1031 used the NP-208 chain drive transfer case.Most M1008 trucks used open Dana 60 front axles, this truck however is equipped with a locker. In the rear, the M1008s used the GM 10.5-inch (270 mm) 10.5" Corporate 14 Bolt Differential with No-Spin lockers (the commercial trade name for the Detroit Locker).The axle gear ratios were 4.56:1.

If the price is too high do a search and buy the other one on CL with higher miles and trashed interior for more $. Clear title in my name, current tabs. May consider partial trades - 70's, 60's, 50's, 40's, 30's Mopar - Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth truck/muscle car stuff. If this was a Dodge it wouldn't be for sale. As an Army veteran I don't mind keeping it anyway so the price is firm. Cash and carry or certified check/etc clears my bank before it leaves my yard. Asking 6,000.

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Mud Trucks for Sale

mud trucks for sale

mud truck for sale

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