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Mud Trucks for Sale

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1989 Chevrolet Suburban mud truck for sale. R2500 3/4T 4x4, V3 350, very unique. Camouflage military SUV truck (aka Big M), well-built for off-road and hunting: V8 350, most reliable, economy and durable Chevy engine. TH 400 Heavy Duty, 3-speed, bullet proof transmission. Rear axle Heavy Duty GM-14 bolt, Full Float 10.5" Ring Gear, 4:10 Posi-Track. Suspension lift Rough Country, 4" lift in front, 5" lift in rear to avoid sagging.

Hummer tires Good Year Wrangler MT 37"x12.50Rx16.5, all terrain, good for highway and off road.. Heavy duty adjustable rear dual Airbags with Pintle Hook for heavy towing. Roof rack with Spot Light for hunting. This Big M is ready for off-road, go anywhere in any weather condition, rain, sleet, flood, 3 feet of snow, rock, mud. It's very patriotic to drive this Big M. Asking $8,500.

mud trucks for sale

mud truck for sale

mud truck


mud truck interior

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