1986 Blazer Mud Truck for Sale (KY)


Chevy Blazer Mud Truck for Sale.

Engine is 454 7.4l. All stock from 88' dually. New high volume oil pump. All gaskets new as well as seals. Edelbrock double roller timing chain with adjustable cam timing (I left at stock). Edelbrock intake. Edelbrock 750 carb. Headers (not cheap ones). Engine painted yellow so I can see any leaks.

Interior is out of the 88' as well. Nice buckets with arm rest. Full interior all door panels dash etc. Looks great. Back seats are buckets out of a Mitsubishi Eclips I junked. They are well mounted and have lap belts, good profile from back seat. Stock plastic console aftermarket gauges for oil temp and voltage.

Floors are solid. Had to do some replacing but done with safety in mind. I mounted the seats for a person no taller than me. I am 5'10" on a good day. So if you are 4 foot tall you will have no problem reaching the pedals. Seriously. Getting in is a different story. I know it is a mud truck but that was never my intention. I wanted to build a big truck.

39.5" Boggers with half tread 16.5x18x39.5. A LOT of lift 12-14"? I didn't lift it. All 1 ton under Dana 60s if I remember as well as Eaton 30 spline axles. This truck was built very well and built right. Was a stick shift 4 SPDR truck automatic installed. As good as this sounds it isn't finished. I have a rebuilt gas tank ready to go in timing needs set some exhaust needs put on. I have all of it. Fuel pump not on.

Body: Has some rust like most but not a lot. Could use a right rocker and some filler. I was going to wrap the truck when I finished the body work. Overall pretty damn good. With all that has been done it seems endless. Many hours on this build but I will give full disclosure.

All B.S. aside. I'm going to need $2200 to give bank for title. Asking cash price for this monster the way it sits is $5000 do the math. Otherwise I'll take $2200 cash and a combined trade worth at least $3800 = $6000 with trade and cash combined.

I am looking for cars, trucks, guns, 4 wheeler, motorcycles, dirt bikes, sxs, buggy and not looking for any projects but shoot it and let's see. Cash is King. Please dont text after 10 PM my workday is early.

This mud truck is not far from being done and I have everything here to finish it. Will be a blast. Please no endless questions. Come see and please give full disclosure on what you have to trade. If I can't find what I want I will pull post and finish.

mud trucks for sale

mud truck for sale

mud truck interior

mud truck motor

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