1988 TOYOTA FJ62 Mud Truck for Sale - (GA)


1988 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJ62 Mud Truck for Sale in Georgia.

Let’s do a Q&A instead of a normal used car description. I am going to go ahead and ask myself all the standard, intelligent, and stupid questions that you get when selling a used vehicle.

What is it put simply?

1988 Toyota LandCruiser FJ-62 with relatively low miles and zero significant rust issues. Most of these cruisers are 300k miles by now because they just don’t stop running and driving, it isn’t just the engine, it is the entire vehicle that is so well built. The Land Cruiser is without a doubt the most reliable vehicle model ever over the course of 60+ years pound for pound. This one also happens to have a fun history and $15,000+ of parts/work on it already. I don't know what Autocheck is smoking about 9 owners, carfax is more legit and only shows 4 owners, I think Autocheck is counting when the same owner moved to a new state as a new owner. What has been done to it? About $15,000 of parts and work.


Professionally done spring over axle conversion (SOA) with full heavy load OME (old man emu) lift kit w/quick disconnect sway bar end links and anti bind shackles. This was all done professionally, with the proper high steer conversion kit, extended stainless steel braided brake lines, extended sway bar links, and proper driveshafts. Re-geared with 5.13 gears in the axles and I THINK it has a Detroit truetrac in the rear axle but I could be wrong about that, if you look at the rear diff it doesn't look like the stock rear diff.

Tom wood double cardan driveshafts. ARB Front winch bumper. Warn M-8274 winch which is super fast and friggin awesome, it squeaks (needs to be lubed) but of course still works fine because they are one of the best winches ever made. Slee offroad rock sliders which are discontinued. Slee offroad roof rack w/ladder. Expedition rear bumper w/Jerry Can holder & swing out spare tire carrier. Brand new 37x12.50 Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires w/steel wheels. CB Radio. Legit old school Hella lights not some Chinese knock off garb. It has the rare surviving dealer installed original pin-striping, not as awesome as the truck of the same color that I had in high school but still cool to have some of it on there. All the maintenance in the world over the years.

Legit old school sound system with Infinity 12” sub in a proper box, with two amps one for door speakers one for the sub w/Alpine head unit. Whole brake system was redone recently, all new parts, e-brake is tight. Bottom end rebuild on the engine, had a knock, put new rods/bearings/oil pump/polished crank in runs fine now. Legit Hi-Lift jack not some knock off garb. Random spare mud trucks tire. All of the shifter bushings replaced with brass bushings last week, the shifter is SUPER TIGHT now, a little too tight almost but it will break in with use.

What does it need? · Alignment, as with any dedicated off road truck the alignment gets knocked out of spec every time you do a trail run, steering is off-center, definitely needs an alignment · cruise control systems are all there component wise but don’t work for minor reasons, feel free to fix if you care I do not · Few small rust bubbles and maybe undercoat the frame? Nothing close to legit rust exists on the truck, but there are a few spots that could use pre-emptive work to stop it from starting. · The paint is sorta faded? But it is an off-road rid so who cares? I love the way it looks.

-- THE SPEEDOMETER STOPPED WORKING FEW DAYS AGO WHEN I WAS DRIVING. did not get time to look into which part is faulty. should be an easy fix. RPM and all the other gauges work.

No really what just tell me what the deal is, what else does she need?

Honestly don’t know of anything else it needs, it has a some dents, dings, scratches, it is an off road mud truck. The roof needs to be washed which is tough with the roof rack. The left rear roof rack mount is a little loose, the ladder has a spot that could be welded, and the mat in the cargo area is dirty but will wash up great because it is meant to get dirty, it has done a great job protecting the carpet underneath. The drivers seat has a small tear like they all do, so that could be stitched up. The center console has some white residue that could be cleaned up, ummmm I’m really grasping at straws here. Frame has a little surface rust here and there, just a wire wheel and spray paint kind of stuff nothing special all in all great shape. The tailgate has a rust bubble under the 4WD emblem, there are a couple really small rust bubbles under the rear quarter windows just barely starting, the bottom of the doors have a little surface rust but nothing has even really started the tailgate has no rust under the glass like most do, the bottom of the doors and such have been bedliner coated to protect from brush damage, the power windows all work as do the locks, and all the gauges all the electrical stuff works fine. Heat works great, lights work, transmission shifts great, no slippage. Engine has some miles on it so it isn’t the strongest most perfect thing ever but runs fine with no warning lights and good readings on the gauges. Truck accelerates great thanks to the gears, I was really surprised considering the size of the tires. Rear view mirror is loose, all the doors open and close good, ummm, it has a small oil leak at the rear main but it can sit for awhile without dripping anything. Fluids probably need to be changed could use an overall tune up but that is like the first thing I do whenever I buy something. I dunno maybe swap a V8 into it?

I would also like to point out I did NOT spray bomb the undercarriage in black spray paint like I see on a lot of these "rust free" trucks being sold. I left everything the way it was naturally so you can inspect the whole thing as is and then make the decision yourself to undercoat it or not. I don't think you really need to but whatever.

Ok so why are you selling it? We are starting a new build and need the money from this project.

How much do you want for it? $18000.

Is the title clear?

· Yes clean clear GA title

Has it been wrecked?

· Ran a Carfax when I bought it, interesting story it was originally sold in Indiana, then went to Alaska then came down to NC the same year I originally owned my first blue one in high school, then went to AL, then came back to NC and here it is. It has been off-road most of its life hence the lower miles. No wrecks, no title issues, no mileage issues a copy of the car-fax will be included.

That is about all I can think of right now, let me know if you have any other questions, hope she goes to a deserving home and really wish I could afford to keep her.

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This Mud Truck has been sold.

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