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1985 Ford Bronco Mud Truck for Sale - (FL)

Mud Trucks for Sale

Brand new 351 modified Windsor crate engine. While the odometer has 85K+ miles on it, the new engine has less than 400 miles on it. C4 transmission with all new seals. New alternator, water pump, distributor, spark plugs and wires. Nearly new tires. Top does not leak. Rear window did roll down about 2 years ago then it stopped, and I have not trouble shot why. Driver's seat upholstery needs work. There are some rust spots on the hood, doors, but overall is in decent shape. There's a few dents here and there as it's 36 years old.

I use it as my daily driver. Drives less than 400 miles a month. AC works, but has a leak, needs recharging periodically. Engine starts and runs well. On cold mornings it starts but idles a little off. After a minute of getting warm it Sounds great! Was told by previous seller the 4x4 transfer case needed work. I haven't tried 4x4 so don't know what's it's capable of. I've taken it on some sand trails South of Tallahassee and it's motored well, never a hint of getting stuck. Never been in the mud.

I love this truck. Wife is making me sell it. I had planned to restore it over time, but the wife is tired of it. We have little kids and can use something that's easier to get multiple people in and out of. Text me initially, I'm sporadically available during work hours but can more easily be reached in the evenings. Asking 13,500.

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Mud Trucks for Sale