1970 C-10 Mud Truck for Sale - (CA)

Mud Trucks for Sale

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1970 C 10 short bed. It is sitting on a 1979 4x4 Blazer chasis. It has a 350 that is a beast of a motor. It sounds mean. I had to put a new flex plate in it, then a new starter. I got it driveable today but then it wasn't getting fuel. When I did drive it, it barely had any brakes. I filled the master cylinder and on the next trip, it all leaked out. It needs a master cylinder. There is rust on the driver's side floor and on the passanger side rocker panel. There are $1,200 in back fees and I do not have title. I bought it with a bill of sale and that's all i can give. I can guarantee that you can get it registered, but you will have to pay the back fees. Truck is not road worthy. The guy i bought it from never intended to register the truck, he used it for mud bogging, none of the lights work. They're not hooked up. You can come and hear it run, shift it in gear... Bring cash and a trailer. Vin number is ks140z130997. Back fees are $1,242. Asking 3,700.

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Mud Trucks for Sale

mud trucks for sale

mud truck for sale

mud truck



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