1985 Chevy K10 Chevrolet Mud Truck for Sale - (CA)


1985 Chevy K10 Chevrolet Mud Truck for Sale.

This Mud Truck has been Sold or removed by Owner. Firm on price! Read ENTIRE posting before contact.

Original 1985 K10 350 v8 w/ 700R4 automatic trans. Stock for the most part (Lifted on 35' Mud Terrain tires) and everything is under still original under the hood including the A/C system(needs to be charged). Missing a few minor vacuum lines for emission related components and the check engine light is currently on. Trucks runs strong and drive down the road well but needs some minor work to be a true daily driver. Passenger gas tank needs to be cleaned out(they both should be drained).

Power window regulators are weak and need to be replaced, belts squeaking a little, tires will need to be replaced, and I'm sure I'm missing a few other things. There's little to no rust and the body is straight. Paints original and looks decent from 20 feet away. I was planning on restoring the truck until i found some old paper work behind the dash saying it had a salvage title in the history section.

Haven't been able to complete transfer to my name due to smog but have all the paper work in my name with the proper paper work to transfer to new buyer. No title but I have all the paperwork to transfer. Truck had been on private property for years when I got it and has $595 in fees. Sold as is with NO SMOG (check engine light still on) and a salvage title. Have no idea why Its salvage and learned about this status after I bought it.


mud trucks for sale

mud truck for sale

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