1973 Chevy K5 Mud Truck for Sale - (CA)

Mud Trucks for Sale

This listing is no longer available.

Hello I have a pre smog full convertible k5 blazer with a lot of upgrades. This thing runs great and is a absolute beast. Below I’ve listed some of the upgrades. I know I’m definitely missing a lot but you get the general idea.

Full roll bar, 454 motor with cams rollers headers, 400r transmission, 205 Twin stick and Disk breaks all the way around. 44inch FOA gas shocks no leaf springs, 5 core aluminum radiator, Dana 60s and Lockers Frunt and rear. 514 Corp 14 bolt spool, Cross over stearin, 205 dome link bars with 3” Johnny joints, Anti-roll bars Frunt and rear and Double bead locks.

I might be open to trades for a boat or something interesting send me information and pictures of what you have I can add cash on top if needed.

Mud Trucks for Sale

mud trucks for sale

mud truck for sale

mud truck





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