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1941,42,43 Ford Mud Truck.

I built this with my son between the ages of 12-14 my daughter did the paint work at age 11 so it has been a fun thing for us. we live busy lives and it simply sets around too much to justify keeping it. Every time I want to go play, the gasoline is old. So time to let someone have it. (i am open to some limited trades but no "toys" if i had time for toys i would keep this one) Trades like: an English wheel, planishing hammer, big sand-blasting cabinet BUT no harbor freight crap. This truck made the "readers rides section of Peterson's off road magazine in Nov. 2013. (You will get a copy of the magazine with the purchase)

There is no absolute proof this one a 43. I am basing the year off internet searches. So, to the best of my knowledge it is a 43. There is no paperwork with it. I assumed it was a 1947 that is what the fellow told me he thought it was when I bought the body from him. But then later I got a 47 and noted that the windshield wiper on Johnny Reb was on the top over the glass like older style vehicles, and on the bottom of the windshield on the 47 truck. the only truck we found online that had the overhead windshield wiper was a 1943, therefore I am calling Johnny Reb a 1943

It only has a Ford cab and hood, it was a wreck when i found it loaded up on a trailer to go the scrape yard. the rest is Chevrolet, It s setting on a 1978 Chevy K5 blazer chassis. the rear differential is a factory positive traction. The front has the spider gears welded so it is a homemade positive traction and this thing does go good. We took some leafs out of the rear to make it softer since we took so much weight off the springs by getting rid of the heavy body. and it also gives it more articulation. It has 5:39.1 ring-gears in it and 39 inch super swamper tires, a 208 New Process transfer case. It has a professionally build turbo-hydromatic 400 transmission. (over $900 bucks in the kit plus the builders coast. it was built buy a shop that builds drag racing trannys) it is a: "fully manual" automatic. Meaning it will not sling itself out of first gear if the RPMS get above 5300 like GM set them up to do from the factory. it is a FULL manual you have to shift it to a higher of lower gear.

It has a 400 cubic inch small block chevy 4 bolt main caps, aluminum intake, quadra-jet (factory) carburetor on it, new wires and cap, and 60,000 volt coil. The engine does have some wear but is not a smoker but does puff a little when you first get in the throttle. We have only had it stuck one time in the years we have owned it and it blew out an old power steering hose and that could have added to it getting stuck. this thing goes good.

It has a roll cage inside the cab along with the one outside the cab, the outside one was build by Pete Monor a NHRA certified roll-cage tech. it has a flat floor, the flat floor gives much more space inside with no tranny hump, I also extended the firewall forward 5 inches so I can get my beer-belly and long legs in and be comfortable my son is taller than me now. The original steering wheel comes off like a race car. The grill is part of a 1985, 359 Peterbilt smokestack guard, the hood over the engine is off a 1938 Ford sedan. (much sexier than the broad uglier 47 front ends, in my opinion anyway) Everybody that see's it the first thing they do is grab their cell phone and start filming and taking photos. It makes a lot of noise, generates a lot of attention and a lot of fun. It is not a high budget build, you may not win competitions if that is your goal, but dam, you sure will look good trying. If you are buying for competition you will need to add a snorkel and whatever else you think it will need. It does have breather tubes for both front and rear diff's. the transfer case is not the original the 1978 had the big case iron one but I sold it with the 350 tranny that was original. Some puppies chewed on the seats so they are not pretty, the driver side seat belt works properly but the passenger side does not. It has a dry cell battery so if you do roll it over it will not effect the battery that battery is about 2 years old. The panels behind the cab are NOT on the truck anymore and the first photo is several years old, so it now has some surface rust again (see current pics). Asking 5,700.

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