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Monster Truck Event

Monster Truck Showdown

The All American Monster Truck Tour was in town so we decided to go check it out. This was a Monster Truck show that was located at the Farm in Arcadia Florida. “The Farm” is a large piece of property off of county road 31.

The Farm and the All American Monster Truck Tour had built a two lane track that consisted of 3 dirt jumps in each lane. A few cars had also been placed at some of the jumps to be smashed by the trucks. The race lanes appeared to be smaller than normal. From my viewpoint, it seemed that these trucks did not have a lot of room. However, this was a smaller event and the show had a small amount of trucks that participated.

Monster truck fans were lined up in anticipation for the show to start. The event had four monster trucks in total. The first truck was called Kamikaze which had the white Ford Raptor body. This truck was driven by Paul Jensen. This monster truck stood out to have a newer look than the rest of the trucks. The next truck was called Vendetta. This truck was red with the body of a 51 Chevy truck. The driver was Mike Christensen and he is also brothers with Paul Jensen. He drives for Team KCM. Mike is also a seasoned veteran to the monster truck sport.

Vendetta Monster Truck

Next up was Wicked the mean yellow monster truck. The Driver Todd Morey was also a local as he was from Wauchula Florida. The Wicked Truck had a yellow Studebaker body. The engine was a 572 ci with a 2-speed power glide transmission.

The last truck was called the Dragon Slayer. The engine was a 540ci Merlin with a FTI transmission. This truck was the fan favorite among the crowd. The driver Kreg Christensen was from Utah and he stated that he has been driving a monster truck for 25 years. Kreg Christensen was also the team leader for the event.

First, the event started off with a meet and greet. They gave everyone a chance to meet the drivers and take a close up look at their trucks. The drivers also signed autographs for the fans and took pictures with them. The drivers were a great group of guys that had no problem talking about whatever you wanted with them.

Next up was the wheelie stand event. Each driver would take a turn to perform a stand up wheelie of a jump on the track. The goal was to show off the best wheelie. Once the driver’s finished, the crowd would cheer for their favorite driver who performed the best wheelie. Dragon slayer won by the way.

Monster Truck

Let the racing begin! Each driver went on a head to head race to compete with one another to the finish line. This was a single elimination event. The final race took place with Kamikaze and Dragon Slayer. It was a really close race with Dragon slayer barely beating Kamikaze.

The final event was a freestyle showdown. This is where each of the drivers perform their own tricks by themselves to win over the crowd. This was our favorite event. Each driver did an amazing job performing their own stunts for the crowd. At the end, all of the drivers came out together and did stunts as a grand finally and it was awesome.

The all American monster truck tour was a great event. The team put on a really good show at the Farm. Hopefully, they will be back next year. If so, we will be there to review the show for you all.