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5 Ton Monster Truck for Sale - (WA)

Monster Trucks for Sale

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Hunting rig everyone else will envy. Contract year 1983.

This is a M925A2 contract year 1983 5 ton military truck with the back axle removed and the frame shorted 3 feet. Has a Cummings naturally aspirated diesel engine (855cid), Allison five-speed transmission, new 2 speed transfer case and 20,000 pound hydraulic winch With new winch cable . Power steering. Odometer shows 12600 miles.

Four new military batteries( $200 ea ) and all the fluids recently changed. Brand-new Michelin 1600 X 20 tires ( 52 in Tall ) and two brand-new spares. Quarts ultrabright headlights, very bright driving lights, 2ft. light bar on back. fold-down bench seats in the bed. New commercial air ride drivers seat. Both drivelines rebuilt and balanced (military does not balanced the drive lines $820 ea) Injector pump refurbished by Cummings $1100. New backup camera 9in screen. Includes tire changing equipment, (hope you never need it). Has run flats in the tires.

Transmission service by Allison and replaced the delo 400 with transmission fluid. Rebuilt fan clutch. NEW Detroit lockers added in the Front & Rear axles lots of $ and work. Two sets brand-new industrial tire chains. ( very expensive $1050.00 each set ) Backup set of drums with rear hubs and bearings in them, you'll never need them. Couple of other things I can't remember right now. The truck is in excellent condition, I wouldn't be afraid to drive it across country, except that it gets about 7 miles a gallon.

These trucks are all in the neighborhood of 30 years old. Even though many of them have very low miles like this one all of the rubber seals have aged and in this one every rubber seals have been replaced, a lot of work and money. Not many of these of with the winch, makes all the difference when you're out having fun. The hardtop comes off and the front window lays down for more summer fun. Intake air snorkel lets you drive through 8 feet of water.

So here's a little background information. Shortening the truck and taking the back axle off is called being bobbed. So why would anybody do that? A lot of it comes down to turning radius. If you're actually going to take these up in the woods or any cramped area and you find the need to turn around, so very much easier to do so. Doing this work is difficult particularly if you've never done it yourself. I hadn't so I hired somebody to do the work that had done this bobbing procedure many times. They did it in three days, would've taken me that many months if not longer being I didn't have a giant forklift and the shop. If you have seen one of these trucks bobbed before you probably normally see one of the military trailers put on the back rather than actually shortening the original bed. Sure it's easier and cheaper and it looks it. This is done so well many people look at it and think it's original.

Call to see why this one is more $ then the rest. Many other new parts and backup parts and tools. Drive it over to your buddy's house that has the big truck with the lift kit and let him notice you didn't need a lift kit. $23000

Monster Trucks for Sale

monster trucks for sale

monster trucks for sale

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