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1987 Chevy Monster Truck for Sale - (VA)

Monster Trucks for Sale

Built strictly in accordance with NMRO Class III specifications. Truck weighs 2830 Lbs. with 11/38.5 Boggers in the front on aluminum rims and 18/39.5 Boggers in the rear on carbon fiber rims, uncut. Full roll cage. The front differential has Yukon 4340 chromoly 30-spline axles with a Moser spool, 5.13:1 Richmond Racing gears and Wilwood disc brakes. The rear differential has Moser 4340 30-spline axles and spool, 5.38:1 Richmond Racing gears and Wilwood disc brakes. The drive shafts have Moser yokes, couplers & U-joints. 4-link rear suspension with coil-over stabilizers and limiting straps.

The engine is a small block 400 bored out to 406 cu. In. Forged 4340 steel crankshaft with 4-bolt mains. JE 15:1 forged pistons with Molnar rods. Crane roller cam (420 lift/304 duration), mechanical roller lifters, roller rocker arms with Brodix extended studs and stud girdles. Brodix track-series heads with D-port exhaust ports, Brodix high-rise intake manifold with a Holley 1050 Dominator (jetted 90/92 @ 5 psi fuel pressure). Holley electric fuel pump with a moisture separator filter. Steel billet double-row timing chain. MSD ignition and billet racing distributor. High-torque racing starter. Electric water pump with a 4-core Moroso aluminum radiator. 673 horsepower/584 torque without nitrous, turbo or supercharger. Shifts at 7500 rpm.

The transmission is a racing 2-speed automatic with a 4000 rpm stall converter and wrapped with a blow blanket. Both driveshafts have 360 degree loops in the center of the shafts and at each U-joint. The transfer case is an aluminum NP 208 with a Morse TEC chain. Asking 14,500.

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Monster Trucks for Sale