2002 Ford F550 Monster Truck for Sale - (VA)

Monster Trucks for Sale

This vehicle is no longer available.

Fully street legal (yes, really) 2002 F-550 chassis.

26” of lift, 236k on bone stock 7.3 Powerstroke. Trans was rebuilt (2wd trans) ~50k ago, works zero issues. Divorce mounted NP205 Transfer Case, zero issues.

2.5 Ton Rockwells, Less than 500 miles, rebuilt from Boyce Equipment (currently $6k). Custom driveshafts - 1480 (Rockwell) U-joints on rear, with new flange on NP205, conversion yoke for front driveshaft.

Spare Rockewell hubs so it can be ran in 4wd (stock) or 2wd (machined, custom) - Currently running 2wd. Hydraulic Steering, with full solid linkage hooked to stock steering box for street legality. Stazworks Custom 2 piece wheels - offset to max street legality (101” @ tire bulge). Square Body Suburban gas tank fully operational with stock gauges, fills up like factory. Custom 40” drop hitch.

The majority of this build speaks for itself. Built right over far too many hours to count. This has been driven on 400 mile road trips with zero issues. The Rockwell’s and wheels are a recent upgrade since those road trips and it drives even better with them, as you can imagine.

Legality notes, because I know the questions are coming.

Yes, this is street legal where it is currently registered in VA. In most states that have height laws, this will be legal as well for the reasons I’m about to lay out, but do your own research. Yes, it has been a hassle, because no one thinks it can be done legally. This is an F550, clean title truck. It does need to be registered under a business, but any business is fine. Because of the weight rating of the F550, bumper height laws do not apply.

Maximum legal tracking width at widest point is 102”. This setup sits at 101”. It has Hydraulic steering - you can turn with 1 finger, but it has all the hard steering linkages as a redundancy to keep it legal. All lighting is DOT approved and adjusted to spec. Tires are DOT. Everything is street legal.

All lights work. All gauges work. Stereo works, etc. This is not a perfect truck! It’s a custom build, but it has been built to drive on the roads and be safe. The bed was off of a super duty that was a new takeoff and is in excellent condition. Whole truck was repainted at once and looks very good.

I have the Ford emblem for the tailgate, but currently missing the F550 emblem. There is some of the common super duty rust on the rockers, but nothing visible before opening the door a common, easy fix.

It does have the base truck interior. It’s in good shape overall. There is a full set of power window guts out of a donor vehicle to convert the manual windows to power, along with the aftermarket harness setup to use the crank hole to mount the switches.

My only recommendation for street driving would be to either send the hydro boost unit off to be bored out, which a few companies do, or run a second pump (which I have and can include) to split up the power steering and brakes. Under normal driving conditions, everything works fine, zero issues, but if you have to brake quick and turn at the same time, the steering will get heavy. Very minor in the scope of this build, but I want full disclosure. I do have a gooseneck trailer and can transport for a fee if needed.

Clean, clear VA title ready to go. Open to partial trades, but primarily looking for cash. Bring your offers. Asking 25,000.

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Monster Trucks for Sale

monster trucks for sale

monster truck for sale

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