5 Ton Monster Truck for Sale - (TX)

Monster Trucks for Sale

I have a M932A2 military truck in absolute perfect condition. If you need a truck prepared for anything in this time of unrest this is your truck.

Ive upgraded all filters, Air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, tranny filters, you name it. It runs absolutely perfect. Ive installed an overhead console from Those military guys that gives it inside lights, radio, speakers, audio input etc. Ive installed i high grade 24v to 12v converter. Every grease joint has always been greased every fluid changed every 1000 miles. Yes thats right every 1000 miles. Custom mud flaps. Its has the Cummins engine with turbo. I could go on. It even has custom lighting all around the outside recessed under the fenders and in the front grill. Custom exhaust with a flaper on top. Asking 35,000.

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Monster Trucks for Sale

monster trucks for sale

monster truck for sale


monster truck


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