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Selling my beloved old truck. I just don't have the need for an off-road truck anymore and can't justify keeping it. For sale is a very clean, virtually rust-free customized F250 with only 90k miles on it, former Maryland truck. It has big Pro-Comp off-road tires (with nearly an inch of tread left) with Pro-Comp rims and a full-size spare in the bed, and a suspension lift kit (see pictures) with leaf springs in front and back.

Manual locking hubs and the famously rugged C6 3 speed automatic transmission. It has the legendary 7.3 Navistar International V8 diesel engine, one of the most reliable and rugged engines ever made. With upgrades such as a turbo, this engine can be as powerful as a Powerstroke, but the parts are vastly cheaper and no fiddly computers and sensors to fail. For example, as set of 7.3 Powerstroke injectors goes for around a thousand dollars, where a set of 7.3 IDI injectors can be had for as little as around $200. As an InDirect Injection diesel, this engine can tolerate lower quality fuel and is ideal for biodiesel.

This truck also has an F350/Superduty front axle swapped in, more rugged and reliable than the standard front axle on one of these trucks. Replaced injection pump with a reman from Miller Diesel in Harrisburg about a year ago; other new parts include new starter solenoid, new headlight dimmer switch (high beams still shuts off though, likely some burned/broken wires causing shorting out), new driveshaft u-joint, new stub axle u-joint (front right), new inner axle seals and fresh 75w150 synthetic gear oil, and brand-new front rotors and pads. Front hubs are freshly cleaned, packed with fresh hi-temp grease, and reassembled. New breather hose in front axle. New CDR valve. Fairly new air cleaner.

As far as rust, there is light rust that only formed in this past year on the inside of frame rails as it hasn't been my daily driver for awhile. ABSOLUTELY NO structurally significant rust or severe scale anywhere on the truck. Much of the outer frame and steering and suspension linkages have been painted with Hammerite rust inhibiting paint. Some minor repairs/plating were done to the bed prior to my owning the truck, but the bed is 100% solid and coated with bedliner that is about 90% there (could use a touch-up).

Known issues: rear fuel tank inoperative, have never needed it or had chance to figure out why. Front fuel tank uptake tube is broken off (easy fix), meaning that this truck will "run out of fuel" while there is still around 1/4 tank. Dash cluster gauges unreliable; tank gauge does not work (sending unit most likely kaput), and I believe speedometer is not accurate due to the large tire diameter. Fuel economy is not good due to wide, high rolling resistance offroad tires, primitive 3 speed automatic transmission, and (uncertain as I do not know what's inside) likely aggressive gearing in rear axle for increased power. This vehicle was modified for power and ruggedness, not economy. Fuel timing was turned all the way up prior to me replacing the injection pump. May need to be retimed, which can be done manually with no timing light or specialty tools. At least one broken glow plug wire; this should be fixed, but does not affect truck's ability to start up even in the coldest of weather. 2 or 3 cycles of the glow plugs and it fires right up; fix the glow plug wires and it should fire up even quicker.

Truck is not inspected but I am planning to get it inspected as soon as I can get an appointment; can be purchased before or after inspection. I am a PA licensed safety inspection mechanic, category 7, and I have fixed all issues that caused it to fail inspection when I took it in earlier this year.

Asking $6500 but will consider reasonable offers. I don't need this truck, but I also do not need to sell it and I am not giving it away.

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Monster Trucks for Sale

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monster truck for sale

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