1978 Pinto Monster Truck for Sale - (OK)

Monster Trucks for Sale

Truck is no longer for sale.

It is a 1978 Pinto Squire mounted on a 1966 Bronco chassis. It has the 289 engine, with automatic C4 transmission, 4x4. Runs, drives, street legal, tagged, registered, insured, and ready to go. It starts easily, runs good, drives ok, and shifts perfectly. This is not your typical Frankenstein car. It has been diligently and skillfully spliced, so that EVERY component above is stock Pinto, and EVERY component below is stock Bronco. So there's no mystery parts to chase down when it comes time to replace them.

Also makes it easy to upgrade (there are all kinds of lifts and mod parts available for the Bronco chassis). It has the original interior. The interior lights work, as do the windows, locks, and rear hatch. The heat works well, no a/c. The exterior is not perfect, the paint is faded and chipped and the body has a couple small dents, but nothing that would be difficult to fully restore. It's more of a weekend car, but with a little work, it could even be a daily driver. I've driven it all over, and it does just fine.

There's a little play in the steering, but not terrible. New master cylinder, new alternator, new voltage regulator, new leads and terminals. Doesn't leak any fluids. No rust. Needs speedo cable and converter for the speedometer to function and display the proper speed. Dual exhaust, sounds good. Has a receiver hitch in the back, for towing. It has 33" tires. It will fit 35s. It is INCREDIBLY fun to drive. You can't drive it without smiling - it's impossible.

It draws a crowd everywhere you go, and people will flat out mess up traffic to ask you questions about it. Every car that passes honks, and every person waves, gives a thumbs up, or flails wildly in approval. You can park it outside a restaurant, and SEVERAL people will pull over to take pictures of it before you're done eating. It creates celebrity levels of attention. Whether out on a weekend cruise, off-roading in the mud, or mowing down zombies in the apocalypse, this sweet rig has you covered! It's Griswold's meets Mad Max! Clean, green, lien-free, Oklahoma title in my name.

I may be willing to trade. I may add cash to trade up, or I may trade down for things I like. I may accept multiple items as trade. I could be interested in all kinds of stuff - car, truck, suv, motorcycle, 4 wheeler, trailer, tools, hunting goods, man stuff, etc. You get the idea. PLEASE send a few PICTURES and DETAILS about your trade offer, and I'll let you know what I think!

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Monster Trucks for Sale

monster trucks for sale

monster truck for sale

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