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Up for sale is one of the most custom and infamous frame off mega cab monster truck builds in the entire USA. I will go over the main highlights however there is honestly too much to list. Truck has to be seen in person to full appreciate the level of detail and sheer size of this monster. Built by Plan B fabrication in Florida, one of the more prestigious trucks builders in the country for monster truck builds.

Currently on 44x19.50r28 boggers with 28x16 specialty forged wheels ( less them 500 miles on tires). This is truck is completely drivable anywhere you can safely fit it. I have driven it all over the state and still currently take it out on the weekend. It will run 70-75mph no problem whatsoever. Anything past 80 and the boggers do start to walk a little….but quite frankly, this is mega cab on 44s, not a race truck.

If you want something smaller, I can get you 42s on 30x16s if thats more your style, at your cost. Due to weight, truck is exempt from bumper laws in florida. Truck is street legal to drive anywhere in Florida if you do not use the headlights at night and only use the high output fog lights we installed specifically for night driving. Headlights work just fine, but are basically there for decoration.

Custom lift which was built using completely custom designed sheet metal arms with polished stainless 304 overlays on just about every part of lift.Truck was dissembled and Entire frame was pulled off and powdered together when lift was built.While cab was off truck the entire underbelly of the cab was paint matched to the dodge holland blue and the entire belly of engine, along with transmission and transfer case was painted high gloss black.

Then we had front and rear bodyguard A2L bumpers paint matched with the inserts chromed along with efficiency lighting fog pods and light bars installed.Plus tons of little stuff like paint matched mirrors, paint matched recon tail lights, 2018 limited grill, ect.

Also while truck was being reassembled (54) Efficiency light high output LED rock lights were installed with all of them being wire tucked thru frame or cab (there are zero visible light wires anywhere under truck).Custom polished aluminum 30gal fuel cell with lift pump was also built and installed to get rid of the ugly stock one. 2 King 2.5 Resi steering stabilizers up front with 4 King 2.5 resi coilvers and 4 King 2.5 triple bypass shocks at every corner.

Coil springs, trac bars, steering arms, knuckles, sway bar, brake calipers and bumper overlays have all been professionally chromed by space coast chroming in Florida. Rear driveshaft was polished and custom front driveshaft was built and also chromed by space coast. Also dynatrac free spin locking front hubs were installed to prevent the dodge from spinning the front driveshaft while in 2wd, which dodges are known for. EFI street delete tune along with AFE cold air intake and 5" turbo back polished 304 stainless exhaust.

Interior is factory Big Horn leather with power everything and 8.4 in dash screen. Audison EQ allows full control of stereo which is all JL audio, including 4-10w3 in a custom ported box behind mega cab seat.PLUS a ton more i am forgetting.

And As with anything this big and with this large of tires , it is going to have a few flaws. The king front steering stabilizers have a small amount of surface pitting on chrome, there is no visible rust but you can see the chrome imperfection if you stick your face up against it. All of the chrome that space coast did on truck is perfect, only the king chrome had issues.

There are a few powder coat chips and rock chips from normal driving, again nothing you really notice but I spend hours under the truck detailing this beast so I see every little flaw. Park sense assist lights up on dash when you first start driving but turns off within a few minutes. I have tried to get this resolved but the dealership told me the bumpers do not have the parking sensors in them so the only way to turn is off is have a custom pcm tune written to delete option. I can have this done if the buyer requests in the deal but honestly it doesn't bother me.

TPMS light is on, as boggers run best at 40psi. Nothing I care about as I check them by hand every month during maintenance check ups. Other then that, the truck runs and driving amazing for its size!I am building a new custom home is the only reason I am selling this truck. If you are a serious buyer with the proof of finances to purchase this truck, then call me and we can set up a time for you to come out and check this truck out in person. $84,000.

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