1972 AMC Jeep CJ5 Monster Truck for Sale - (CA)


Do you like Monster Truck Jeeps? Check out this one for sale!

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This vehicle was built by Miller's Classics in NY. I live in San Diego Ca and so is the Jeep. I can assist with transport. The Jeep is 7 feet wide, about 8 ft high. He (Miller's) has recienty passed away so his vehicles are highly sought after. My uncle commissioned this vehicle to be built to his specifications at a cost of $89,000 in the 90's.

He used it rarely at summer fairs. The engine is a built 390 from a correct era AMC AMX with a nice cam. It has 2 1/2 ton Rockwell axels w/axel disc breaks. It has Carter duel quads on a ofenhauser manifold. The winch is a Ramsey 8000lbs. The rear wheels turn hydraulicly and when you turn the front wheels the opposite way, since it's always in 4 wheel drive: the truck will spin crazy in a circle. It was insane, i do remember that!

The hood opens hydraulicly as does the rear tailgate. The 44in dirt dawg tires are like new, so yes you shoud use a little step ladder, entrance is 50 in off the ground. Extensive use of stainless everywhere. Everything is hand made and custom. The frame is 12"x 1.5" channel. It has about 25 hrs on it. When he passed he left it to my cousin and when he passed away recently he left it to me. The monster truck runs great you do need to set the chokes which I don't really know how to do and 4 zipper axel boots which are 75 each on ebay.

My whole family have always been car nuts. My uncle was a 4x4 nut my dad built mustangs and I build VW buses. This vehicle would cost 125k to build now. It's a pure steal and is registered in my name for the road (lol), in Calif. Very important to text me before you call since I receive many robot calls. I don't answer numbers I don't know. Asking $27835 Thanks again.

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