1988 Chevy Monster Truck for Sale - (CA)

Monster Trucks for Sale

Up for sale is an absolutely gorgeous 1988 Chevrolet V30 crew cab dually. We live in a world now where everybody has a truck and they are not viewed as strictly utilitarian purpose built vehicles. Trucks have graduated into being used as family cars with all the latest technology and features any luxury sedan would have with a cost to match a luxury sedan. In 1988 this was not the case; most people still viewed trucks as bulky, rough riding purpose vehicles and SUVs were gaining popularity. Very few people went to their Chevy dealer and ordered the largest, highly optioned and most expensive truck in 1988, especially when the square body style was being phased out at the end of its almost 20 year run. This is that truck still looks like it did 31 years ago, when it arrived to its new owner in Newport Beach,CA. The 1988 Chevy V30 is ideal because its the last of a generation, its the most modern with the fuel injected 454 found in the 90s trucks as well as the legendary 454 SS chevy sport truck built from 90-93. Yet the V30 still has that timeless classic square body look.

Cosmetically this Truck is in exceptional shape for any 31 year old vehicle let alone a 31 year old full size 4x4 truck. The body is very straight, there is absolutely no rust. The underside of the truck tells a story of a lazy life, there isn't much evidence this truck has even been taken off road. Everything is clean and original and even the underside looks like it did in 1988. The paint looks great and shines beautifully, there are a few thin spots on the doors where the paint has thinned to the black primer. General Motors had notoriously bad paint in the 80s so considering this is the largest 88 GM vehicle to be painted it is in great shape. The only imperfection with the body is small dent on the drivers side behind the rear wheels. The original 16 inch steel wheels are wrapped in a brand new 235/85/16 Mud Terrain tires which make this rig look like a proper truck.

Step inside and the interior of this truck matches the condition of the exterior. The blue Silverado trim looks great, some things to point out are the door panels. These Silverado door panels are notoriously always missing pieces, from the pull straps to the velour or carpet inserts. Never do you see Silverado door panels look as nice and original as the ones in this truck nothing is missing all the power doors and locks work and there are no dirty stains. The dash looks great The polished silverado inserts are not discolored or cut up. The blue carpet is vibrant and have no rips or holes and is very clean. The Silverado velour seats look great as well there are no rips or tears and the blue is vibrant as well as comfortable. All the lights, fans, heater and radio alll are functional. The A/C will need a recharge. Overall the interior of this truck is a great shape.

Mechanically a 1988 Chevy V30 is an absolute beast. The 454 v8 starts and runs very smooth. Other than touring the gas station circuit this L19 TBI 454 is the most evolved version of Chevy 454 motor, it is the most powerful and most capable to pull anything you put behind this truck. The TH-400 3 speed shifts smooth in all gears as well as reverse. What really makes this truck stand out among any other truck is the monster axles that came from the factory. The HD Dana 60F front axle with the HD Dana 70 rear axle is the heaviest duty combination you could get from GM. These axles have 4.10 gears and are more than capable of taking this truck anywhere. Asking 28,500.

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Monster Trucks for Sale.

monster trucks for sale

monster trucks for sale


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