1965 Mercedes Unimog Monster Truck for Sale - (CA)

Monster Trucks for Sale

1965 unimog 404, 2.2 6cyl engine, has been converted to 12v (gm 12si 150amp alternator), has upgraded vacuum advance distributor and petronix electric ignition from Mercedes 280s, electric fuel pump, electric fan, all new silicone coolant hoses, slightly overdriven crank pulley from a 280s increases waterpump flow. Stays cool all day long crawling in 110 degree desert. I had planned to add electric power steering, bought the steering column and controller but have not installed it.

40" tires (stock are 36") and wider rims off South African military unimog.

A foot and a half of ground clearance under the diff and over two feet of clearance under the frame. Portal axles, full lockers, 6 speed transmission, 2 speed reverse. this thing will not get stuck. I have driven it into mud and sand and not been able to go further but it will always just back out. Ive driven it over cars and through campers. Ive pulled out a loaded 26' box truck that some idiot buried to the axle in sand, full sized 4x4 dually American trucks buried to the axles in mud. Don't tell it, it only has 80hp, it doesn't care, it will pull down your house its geared so low.

Originally a radio truck, now has a bed from an m105. Its mounted properly and allows full frame flexing. Stake and canvas sets are availible for these beds.

2 speed crawler box not installed and availible separately.

Ca legal, registered as a rv and not commercial. Asking 14,000.

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Monster Trucks for Sale

monster trucks for sale

monster truck for sale

monster truck




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