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Fully built and ready to rock and roll is my 4WD Crew Cab Long Box 2007 LBZ Duramax Silverado Dually “classic” body style. First just let me say the reason for selling the truck… I need to get into a new 2020 Sierra Dually to start my own hotshot business and can’t afford to keep and store two dually’s. If I could afford not to let this go believe me I would! These LBZ dually’s are rare, and this one is one of a kind! This is my loss, and your gain. I know what the truck books for, and I also know what the truck is worth. Im not asking for anything close to the money I’ve got into this truck. Serious inquiries only please, and reasonable offers will be seriously considered. Someone looking for a truck thats already built up and ready to go, this is your chance to get it at a fraction of the cost it would be to build your own!

Ive got TONS of pictures of the truck. It only let me post 24 pictures so if you would like more please let me know what you would like to see and I can send them.

A little background on the truck. I bought the truck from original owner at 118k miles. Truck was garaged and stored in AZ up until the point I got my hands on it. Previous owner used the truck for light towing and for family vacations. It sat around a lot in its early years. I’ve Changed the oil every 5-6k and have kept up on all maintenance. Fuel filter and air filter have been done every 20k. I work at a GMC dealer so no excuses to not keep up on maintenance! All fluids have been drained, inspected, and changed less than 2k miles ago. No metal found in any fluids. 2nd time Ive done fluids on the truck since I’ve owned it. This includes transmission fluid, front + rear differentials & transfer case fluids, brake fluid. P/S fluid and coolant have also been done, see next paragraph. Both batteries replaced less then a year ago.

No major repairs have had to be done to this truck. Ive kept very good records of the minor repairs that I have had to make and they are as follows: Hydrobooster pump and power steering high pressure lines were leaking at 126k, replaced all with factory parts and power steering fluid was flushed. Fuel Filter Housing was replaced with factory parts at 142k. Fuel sending unit and level sensor was replaced with factory parts at 143k. Both thermostats, and heater hoses were replaced with factory parts at 151k and coolant flushed. I would say that those are the most common minor wear and tear maintenance items that you will have to do on any Duramax, and they have all been done by our master diesel technician at the dealership I work at.

Carfax shows 1 accident (from previous owner). I don’t know details and it is just listed as “accident reported”. I did not see any damage on the truck when I bought it from the previous owner. Clean title, no open recalls. Obviously no factory warranty left on truck.

Truck has just been fully detailed inside and out included shampooing carpets and cleaning seats on the interior. Truck was clayed, waxed and buffed. Paint is in great condition even on the roof (see pictures) and is not peeling and there is no signs of fading or wear. There are a few spots that have gotten rock chips but have had touch up paint applied to prevent further chipping. Ive always had full details inside and out about every 6-8 months and have kept excellent care both inside and out. No broken trim panels or pieces and all door panels are in excellent condition. 

List of modifications is as follows:

Exterior, starting from front to rear of truck.

  1. Motor (LBZ Duramax 6.6L) is completely stock and runs great! I have had no issues with the motor or transmission on this truck. 176k and just getting broken in for a Duramax LBZ.
  2. Brakes front and rear, plenty of pad left just checked when tires were replaced. i do have a set of original factory Akebono brake pads (not cheap ones, what originally came on the truck) and will include them with truck for when you do eventually need front brakes. Ive never had to do brakes since I owned it and they appear to still be original factory pads on both front and rear… These brakes last crazy long on these trucks!
  3. 4” MBRP Turbo Downpipe, 4” Diamond Eye exhaust (all pipe powder coated black), and MBRP exhaust tip. Gives it the loud turbo whistle when spooling and letting off throttle and truck sounds mean at idle, even better when cruising and putting your foot in it.
  4. Truck is tuned with EFI Live. Have had it on the truck for over 2 years, truck runs flawlessly with the tuning. Nothing crazy as motor is all stock as mentioned, but enough extra power when you need it to play with those annoying little cars that rev their lawnmowers at you. Nothing better then taking them off the line and watching their facial expressions when they catch you! 5 Tunes to select from on the fly. Choose from 1. Performance, 2. Smoke, 3. Towing, 4. Fuel Economy, 5. High Idle (for those cold mornings). Programer will be included (which contains the instructions and stock maps in case you want to go back to stock and take the tuning off the truck). I drive in the performance tune all day every day and pop it in smoke when someone tailgates me. You’ll love it.
  5. 4” Cognito full suspension lift in front, stock in rear. Includes upper and lower longer and oversized heavy duty control arms, new ball joints, and cross member. Fox Shocks added front and rear. Just had it aligned, truck has always drifted to the right a bit. You’ll learn to live with it.
  6. All 6 BRAND NEW (less then 500 miles) Patriot 35x12.5x20” Tires. Just put these on, my loss and your gain. Wont need tires for a long while! Tires do rub some when you turn all the way. I take sharp turns slow. They rub on the back of the fender liners. No big deal.
  7. Black Mayhem Monstir Dually 20” wheels. Custom fabricated aircraft grade aluminum 13/16” spiked black lugs on front (they are extremely sharp and not those cheap ass plastic caps that fall off when you drive) with 1” lugs on rear duals. 1” heavy duty wheel HUB spacers front and rear.
  8. Rear dually mud flaps with custom images on flaps
  9. Front and rear MOVE steel bumpers with 12k winch, yes the winch works, although ive never actually needed it before. Bumpers spayed inside and out with Line-X. Front bumper has red 12-Ton D-rings and has 4 GG Lighting pods which operate as Fog Lights when turned on with fog light switch in the dash. Rear bumper has smaller Royal Hooks D-Rings (have pin locks and I will give you the keys) and two GG Lighting Pods which turn on when truck is put in reverse. Provides killer light to see everything when backing up at night and allows backup camera to be brighter.
  10. Backup camera is made by Edge Products and is a license plate camera. Its wired into the Edge CTS2 programer thats mounted in the left corner of the dash in its own pod. Edge programer is only used for gauge monitoring while driving and backup camera screen as truck is running on EFI live currently. If designed and as mentioned above, one could remove the EFI live tuning and go back to stock or operate off of the edge programer with their tunes. EFI live has WAY more power then the mild Edge tunes…
  11. Custom fiberglass HD hood, color matched white and sprayed with Line-X on top. Custom DIRTYMAX emblems on both hood sides. The hood is aggressive looking.
  12. Royalty Core one off custom mesh grille with large red and black DIRTYMAX emblem, built in 20” GG Lighting Lightbar. Was fun working with Royalty Core on this one.
  13. One piece smoked headlights with functioning white side led running lights (which also blink when turn signal is on), GG Lighting super bright LED Headlights. All LED bulbs.
  14. 50” GG Lighting Curved Lightbar with 2 side angled Pods. Light bar and pods controlled by two separate rocker switches inside cab. All of the LED Lightbars and Pods are premium quality G4 Series GG Lighting products and they are all covered by lifetime warranty.
  15. Fully functional 2019 Style GM Tow Mirrors. Heated and powered upper glass. All lights operate. 2 ridiculously bright white side lights on each mirror illuminate the entire side of the truck when truck is unlocked or doors open. Turn signal arrow in mirror glass. Amber turn signal with smoked lens on back of mirror (also operated as running light and blinks when turn signal is on). Mirrors sprayed with Line-X.
  16. LED Cab roof marker lights. Roof marker lights are all original and in great condition, they don’t leak and they all have super bright LED’s installed in them. See roof shot pictures.
  17. Custom emblems on front driver and passenger doors
  18. Limo tint over factory dyed tinted glass all the way around, 6” sunstrip on windshield. From the outside, its like looking at painted black windows at night, light reflects straight back in your face when shinning a flashlight at the glass.
  19. 2019 style GM running boards
  20. Fully functioning color changing light strips on rocker panels, both sides. When opening the doors the white strip comes on illuminating the running boards. When driving at night, AMBER running lights are illuminated (or you can change them to whatever color you want with the included remote)
  21. Locking Rolling Big Power Fuel Door AND locking fuel cap (you will get two keys for each).
  22. LED Lights in rear dually fender lights
  23. Dark Threat Fab rear headache rack. This thing is impressive! Features LED Amber running lights on both sides, LED Red running lights along top (running, brake, and turn signals), two CB Antenna Mounts, Lumber stops on top sides, Square Mesh, custom DIRTYMAX red and black emblem along with two others (see pics), 30” GG Lighting lightbar and 4 GG Lighting pods. Light bar and pods controlled by separate rocker switches inside cab. Headache rack bolted to bed rails.
  24. Two Firestik Antennas with flex-mounts (each can be removed with easy twist lock design), Cobra CB Radio (mounted inside cab to roof, see pics)
  25. Large capacity Weatherguard Toolbox Chest (bed rail height for 5th wheel towing) is bolted to the front of the bed against front bulkhead. Its powder coated Black and is lockable. I will provide you with the two keys.
  26. Entire bed is sprayed with bedliner up to rails.
  27. Reese 16k Fifth Wheel hitch. All frame rail brackets are properly bolted to frame under bed. Hitch was not currently mounted at time of pictures but will be included with the truck.
  28. Reese “Towpig” bumper pull trailer hitch with Anderson Drophitch & hitch lock pins in rear. Ill provide you with the keys
  29. The truck has a trailer brake controller installed already but I honestly don’t know if it works, it was already installed on the truck when I bought it and I’ve never towed a trailer large enough to need to use it. Ive got a brand new Tekonsha P3 Trailer Brake Controller and harness for the truck that I will include in case the one thats in the truck does not work.
  30. Black Chevy bowtie and custom emblems on tailgate.
  31. Hornblasters Shocker XL 6 horn Train Horn setup. Full blown custom setup. These things are LOUD and fun as hell! Powered by 2 Viair 485C Black edition Air Compressors and a 5 gallon air tank. All mounted on one hell of a frame bracket which is bolted to the frame where the spare tire would go. Has the ability to run air tools or air up tires with the hose hookup on air tank. System is run at 200PSI, compressors kick on at 165PSI and off at 200PSI. Electronic 1/2” air inlet valve and Regulator for horns. Regulator set at 140PSI for maximum and best sound out of the 6 horns. They are tough horns, even if water does get in them! Train horn push button rocker switch mounted inside cab. Ability to shut power off to compressors when truck is not running so even if pressure drops in the tank the compressors won’t come on and drain batteries, controlled by “on/off” rocker switch in cab. Ability to drain tank electronically to let moister out of the bottom of the tank, controlled by push button rocker switch in cab. Nice so you don’t have to crawl up under the truck everyday to open a valve. Glowshift Air Pressure gauge in dash to show current digital and needle readings for pressure in tank (powered on when truck is turned on).


  1. LT3 Trim Level, truck was fully loaded (minus the sun roof) for the 2007 model year and had just about every option available.
  2. Tan interior with factory leather. Leather and carpet in great condition! Leather on front seat in good condition (small tear on seam starting to form on cushion) and small tear in seat cushion on drivers side rear seat. All weather floor mats for front and rear, and a set of carpet mats will be included under the back seats. Black carpet dash cover to match the black headliner (no the dash isn’t cracked so its not hiding anything)
  3. Black Suede headliner (done less then a year ago)
  4. Powered and heated front bucket seats with memory drivers seat, folding rear seats.
  5. Deep storage center console with lid.
  6. Bose Premium sound Audio speakers. They sound great and none of them are blown out or distorted. Double din Pioneer touch screen head unit with bluetooth and XM Radio. Phone speaker mounted in upper left corner on A Pillar.
  7. Dual Zone Climate Air Controls
  8. All LED dash lights and interior lights. All rocker switches are white/blue lights, air controls, steering wheel controls, headlight dimmer switch, door controls all are bright white. 4WD controls are blue. Overhead interior lights are bright white.
  9. Cadillac style Speedometer cluster. Blue LED. Was programmed to correct vehicle mileage at time of replacement at 140,355 miles.
  10. 3 Custom switch panels. (see pics). Switch panel with air controls also has two USB ports for charging two phones at the same time. Overhead switch panel controls CB Radio, Radar Detector, and the 3 switch panel backlights. Has a 4th “empty” switch if you want to hook up something else
  11. CB Radio mounted cleanly and securely to the roof with cables hidden behind headliner. Microphone clip mounted on top console switch panel (see pics). On/off controlled by rocker switch in top console switch panel.
  12. Radar Detector power cable hardwired and cable hidden behind headliner (on/off controlled by rocker switch in top console switch panel). I will be taking the radar detector and it will not come with the truck. I have a Escort Max 360C and will leave the power cable installed in case you would like to purchase one and install without having to run power.
  13. Glowshift Gauge pod color matched to tan interior and mounted on drivers side A pillar. 2 Glowshift color changing gauges monitor EGT (#2 of 2 sensors, this one is at the downpipe) and fuel pressure. All other gauges monitored through the Edge CTS2 Programmer mounted right next to gauge pods on left of dash. I have another EGT accessory still in the box that connects directly to the CTS2 and will display through that, just have not got around to installing probe sensor at the manifold (which would be sensor 1 of 2). Will include with the truck.
  14. Rear seats fold flat for extra storage. There is also some under seat storage room and its where I keep my Highlift Jack (which will not be included)
  15. Large rear storage tray/compartment behind rear seats, bolted down.
  16. 2 truck Keys & Remotes included.

There is literally so much to this truck, so im sure there is more that I have not listed or missed.

Please contact me direct if you are interested. I prefer if you contact me by text first as I work a lot and am not always available to answer the phone right away. Shoot me a text and we can schedule a time to talk on the phone or meet in person. Asking 34,995.

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