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Awesome Lifted Truck. I have only seen ONE Truck Taller than mine in the last 10 years on the Streets of Phoenix.

2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4x4 Long Bed Crew Cab. It has a V-10 Gas Engine and Automatic Transmission.

12" Lift Kit with additional 4" (Front Spring and Rear Block). 16" Total Suspension Lift.

40" Tires (Brand New Tires Over $2600) Just installed less than a year ago And probably less than 2k Miles.

20" Wheels (Brand New Fuel Hostage Chrome Wheels Over $1600) Installed at the Same time New Tires again > Less than 2k Miles on them.

Even Though I Recently had the Original Door Hinges Put On. Price Includes All Four VERTICAL Door Hinges Manufactured in USA and originally installed by Vertical Doors dot com in Corona California. This was one of their First Promotional Vehicles owned by the Owner of Vertical Doors Incorporated.

When I Purchased this It was 11 years old but a One Owner No Accidents w/ only 40,500 miles in April of 2011. In the last 7 years of purchasing this Truck I have not even Doubled the Miles. Still very very Low Miles and in Excellent Shape.

I have Serviced this Regularly, Fixed Anything and Everything that ever even started to need servicing.

Spent over $1200 to have a More Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch Installed with Sufficent Drop Hitch.

I have spent over $5,000 just installing the STEPS. With a Lift This High, there are not that many options. Rather than going with a Pair of Chrome Steps that hang down all the time and are incredibly intrusive to the profile. I choose to use a $12 Home Depot Step Ladder to get in and out for the first 2 years until I could afford to DO I RIGHT. I wanted to install the Amp Research Power Steps, but even with the 2" Extension they would not come down Nearly Far Enough. So I installed the Custom Manufactured One Up OffRoad 2nd Step Which Brings the Mounting Point for the Amp Research Power Steps with the 2" Extension Down an additional 8 inches. The Two Coupled w/ Each Other work incredibly and even your Grandma will be able to get into this Beast without a Sweat.

The Truck has ALOT of $$$ into it's Stereo System and No Part of it was Scrimped On. It has the Newest "Flagship" Model Pioneer Multimedia Head Unit with Navigation. The AVIC-8201NEX - Installed less than a year ago. Along with FOCAL 6.5" Components Front and Back. - Both Installed less than a year ago. Almost $2k for Head Unit and Over $2k for the Two Sets of Component Speaker Sets. It has 2 very Top Line Audison Amplifiers, at a cost of over $2k each themselves. And it has near $600 worth of Dyna-mat (Sound Deadening Material) Throughout the Truck. And a Professional Installation that cost over $1800 I Will Consider selling the Truck at a Slight Discount W/O The Stereo Equipment, if you have your own stereo to install.

Sticker Price on this Truck was right at $38,000 Lift Kit plus Wheels and Tires orig cost almost $20,000 Steps were just under $5000 Stereo cost nearly $8500 and the Vertical Doors which are included but not installed (without Installation were $1600 per pair) for a total of $3200 w/o installation. That puts the Investment into this Truck at just under $75,000 Dollars.

There are a few Scratches in the Paint from Previous Vandalisim. And at this point it has some Paint Fading on the Hood and Roof. Other than that, the paint shines up really nice when washed & waxed. I recently looked into repainting and decided that if I kept the Truck that I would probably opt for a Truck Wrap at a significant savings over Paint. And if you decide to go this route, I can give you the info of two different shops in town that were willing to Partial Sponser and do the Full Professional Truck Wrap for less than Half Price.

Seriously, You have the Chance here to get the Enormously Lifted Truck Here for Almost ZERO. Pay for the Stereo, The Brand New Wheels and Tires and the Steps. And the Truck is Yours.

PS. A Few of These Pictures are Before I put the Steps on it. And Before the Brand New Tires and Wheels that were Just Installed. I will Try Later to Upload Picture of Truck With the Steps Installed and New Tires and Wheels. Or may be able to Email Updated Pics on Request.

Truck is Awesome. Run's Perfect. Drives Perfect is Extremely Reliable, (Has been my Only Vehicle and Daily Driver for 7 years now) has Under 85k Miles on it. Has Nothing Wrong with it and gets Alot of Attention. Also, in the 7 years I have been driving it in Arizona. I have only been Pulled Over and Hassled Twice. Both Times were just warnings for Mud Flaps and Both Times were in Gilbert - which if you know Gilbert is famous for enforcing ARS Code on trivial matters like Mud Flaps. I havent been bothered anywhere else in the whole time I have driven it.

Previously, I had stated that I "May" be open to possible "Partial Trade" but I just purchased a New Car. Unless you have a "Liter Bike" 1000cc Sport Bike / Motorcycle. Then I would not consider Any Other Items for Partial Trade. Even re the Motorcycle, It would have to be really nice and one I could fall in love with...

Please contact me if you are interested. Asking 17,000.

For more information about this Monster Truck for Sale. Contact

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