2015 Scorpion Airboat for Sale - (FL)

Airboats for Sale

This boat is a new 2015 Scorpion sled. It's a 12' with 2' grass rake Both boat & aluminum trailer are 2015. The motor is a 220, with 0470 jugs & pistons & cam. It has been completely gone through. Every gasket, seals, rings, & bearings are all replaced new. Both Mags have been gone though with new points & condenser, plus spark plug wires & dome pistons.

New stainless steel cage & seating, a double in front & 2 singles rear. All seat cushions are new by JR Alvarez, no seats sit better than his. Two new radial trailer tires The boat has been completely rewired, all new gauges also deck lights. The rear steering is direct crows foot. It also has a new red top Optima battery.

This boat does not porpoise, rides flat & free with no hop at any speeds. This boat is like new, a true turnkey. I think I'm going to redo a little larger boat. I finished this boat for myself & it was done right. For sale $26,000 obo. For more information about this Airboat for Sale. Contact

Airboats for Sale

airboats for sale


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